Debloating your android

We all love our devices, love them till the battery degrades or it gets slow overtime, then you have to go find new love.

Turns out, you can hold on to it a little bit longer, the big idea is — removing the small apps that consume little battery and little system resources in the background, gladly some of these apps can be removed by the user.

But some pesky apps are installed by the Manufacturer to collect data and sell the data or the user, but what they do is a topic for next time. These apps are called system apps and usually needs root to remove them but you can do it without root ( until the next reset, so you don’t need to void the warranty)

Getting Started,

Firstly, make the backup and disable Find Device — so i don’t get threat emails because you lost your whats app chats or something.

Now, go to and download the repository, also available here.

After the download is complete, unzip it into a separate folder, we’ll need it later.

For linux, ADB is a prerequisite — install it by

sudo apt install adb

now go back to the Debloat folder open Android, if you’re using a Xiaomi device, open the MiUi file and comment and un-comment to select the apps to be removed.

Once completed, simply run chmod +x && ./

This will change the permission to executable and the second command will execute it.

After around a minute, all the selected apps should be removed.

PS. Contributing to the project will make it easier for others : )




Humanoid Biological Lifeform

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Kushagra Karira

Kushagra Karira

Humanoid Biological Lifeform

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